Marriage Laboratory review of Strengthening Your Relationship

An independent review of my Strengthening Your Relationship course was published over the weekend on the Marriage Laboratory web site.  

"This course goes much deeper than [communication techniques]. It cuts through any superficial 'relationship tips" and gets right to the very core of why and how our marriages are making us miserable...  [Dr. Finlayson-Fife] helps you dig way down deep to the foundation of your personal integrity and growth (where all strong marriages live)".

Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist Part 19

We tackle two questions submitted by listeners about infidelity in marriage. One question comes from a man whose wife had a series of affairs, and the other question from a woman whose husband was deceptive about his involvement with another woman.  Both questions address the issue of trust and trustworthiness : How it is created or ascertained, and how we sometimes collude in not knowing things about our spouse we are not sure we can handle.  Dr. Finlayson-Fife also makes a distinction between forgiving a spouse vs. reconciling with a spouse, and how to participate in creating a more trustworthy marriage. 

Click on the title above to access the recording.

The Living Nature of Mormon Covenants

A discussion with Dan Wotherspoon, Charles Randall Paul and Joseph Stanford on the meaning of covenants in religious practice, and particularly the meaning of covenants when one's faith has evolved or shifted.

Two Interviews on The Mom Show (KSL)

KSL aired two interviews with me on The Mom Show with Lindsay Aerts, who posted them on March 14 and March 15, 2017 to the show's Facebook.


When You Have a Desire for ... More Sexual Desire

Talk to Your Kids About Sex SHAME FREE

April 27, 2017 Update: Since you now have to scroll down several pages on the show's Facebook to find those two shows, I've linked the titles above directly to the recordings.