Learn the Art of Loving and gain more confidence in yourself as an intimate partner.  Forge a relationship with your spouse filled with mutual pleasure and genuine connection. 

This course explores elements of LDS culture that undermine male sexual integrity and confidence while underscoring theological principles that support embodied desire and loving sexuality.

Course Details

Join the Art of Loving course to become more confident in yourself as an intimate partner.  This course unpacks the damaging messages offered to men about masculinity and sexuality, and offers you a path to sexual self-confidence, trustworthiness, and mutual desire.  

This course is perfect for those who are:

  • Unsatisfied in their current sexual and
    marital relationship.
  • Frustrated in the loneliness of not being desired.
  • Struggling with pornography use.
  • Confused about the compatibility of
    sex and masculinity with spirituality and goodness.
  • Wanting more confidence in their own desirability.
  • Hoping to be at greater peace with their sexuality.

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I just wanted to thank you again for offering the Art of Loving course. It has made an amazing difference in my marriage. My wife shared the other day how happy she is. Our marriage is more loving and intimate, and you and your course were a huge part of helping me find the correct path to make that happen.

— R.J.

What you get with this course:

  • Access to the 18+ hours of instructional recordings and support materials for a minimum of a year.
  • 6 months of access to monthly office hours with Dr. Finlayson-Fife, where you can (anonymously) ask questions that come up while taking the class.
  • Admission to the Art of Loving (private) Facebook group where you can access peer and instructor support.

By committing to this course, and working through its concepts, you will address your role in unsatisfying sexual interactions, change sexual behaviors at odds with your integrity, and grow into a more desirable, confident sexual partner.  

After years of counseling men and women, Dr. Finlayson-Fife has uncovered the beliefs that work against men's capacity for intimate sex, as well as the concepts and behaviors that foster personal strength, trustworthiness, and a deeper capacity for sexual connection.

By working through the life-changing concepts in the Art of Loving course, not only will you be a source of strength in your emotional and sexual relationship, but you will experience deeper peace with yourself and your sexuality.

All course purchases include:

Printable (or Hard-copy) Course Workbook

Each course purchase includes access to a series of on-demand video lectures AND a digital course workbook. Each workbook includes course outlines, assignments, and resources to push your growth and development further. 

While you can print your own workbook free of charge, we recommend purchasing our bound workbooks. A bound workbook allows you to keep your notes and assignment responses in one place, while easily reviewing lesson concepts.  

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One Full Year of Access to Online Course and Materials

Your online course will be available to you until it is either retired or replaced, with guaranteed access for one year from the date of purchase. 

Reviews from participants in the Art of Loving online workshop

  • "...The class was amazing, it was raw, and it was real!!!!  I loved hearing from other men that have experienced similar challenges that I have experienced..."

    — E. J.
  • "My husband is taking your men's course (the art of loving) right now. ..We've bought ALL your courses and love what you teach.  My husband came to me a couple of weeks ago and told me he realizes he's been emotionally enmeshed with me and apologized for all the sexual demands he's made on me--this coming from a 25-year marriage riddled with the effects of his porn use. Yeah!! 

    Your courses are worth the investment because of what is gained in your unique, wise approach that is readily effective--unlike the expensive therapy we've also been through. Thank you seems inadequate"

    — S.S.
  • "When I bought the [Art of Loving] course, I got it as a way to appease my wife so that she would buy the women's course and fix her "problems" with sex. ... I thought if she would just be more interested, it would solve our problems. 
    I cannot emphasize enough how wrong I was.  It was my need for her validation and the constant pressure I put on her that was the problem.  When JFF explained that to me, it absolutely rocked me to my core.  I saw it so clearly, I was the problem all along.  It was hard, but I accepted it and ultimately embraced it.  When my wife saw the change, she cautiously began to change as well.  She responded to the positive changes I was making and it was great---hard, but great. 

    I have taken many excellent courses in my life. No course has changed my life more than this one has. The course isn't just about sex, it's about seeing yourself as a man in a different way.   It made me notice myself for maybe the first time and challenged me to take ownership of my feelings and my life. 

    Our sex life is infinitely better now, not because of some special sex technique I learned, but because I'm better.  Because I'm a better man, my wife feels free to be herself and own her sexuality.  I'm free to be myself as well, not constantly behaving in an inauthentic way in order to get her to have sex. 

    Things aren't perfect of course; I'm working on myself every day, but this course has made an unbelievable difference in my life and I'm so grateful for it."
    — C.D., Written on Facebook, used with permission.
  • "I know that Jennifer is super busy and I’ll likely never talk to or meet her personally.  This course has been extremely powerful for me, as have her podcasts.  I’m fifty years old and have been married for 26 years…I believe she and I are about the same age.  Please convey to her how grateful I am to her for what she teaches.  I’m sure that she and the team hear this often but I want her to know that this is blessing my whole life in ways I didn’t expect when I first tuned in.  In fact, the bedroom tends to be the ancillary benefit whereas the primary benefit is in me becoming a better me.  I’m most grateful for that."

    — S.T.
  • Over the past 9 months, we have listened to all of your podcasts and taken both of your couples' courses. They have done more for us than I ever thought was possible. And not just the relationship, but for us as individuals as well.  (The concepts taught of self-validating and self-confronting have been so empowering, it’s hard to describe.) 

    And still, after all I have heard and learned, the Art of Loving men’s course has been the best of all. It’s been one of the most uplifting, hope filled, face-smacking experience I’ve ever had. Learning that my desires, wants, passions and identity are not things that need to be hidden or shamed, has given me the courage to open up. To be honest with [my wife] in a way I didn't think was possible. The more open and honest about who I am, the less power and appeal the destructive behavior has had on me. .. The burdens so long carried have become lighter. I still have far to go but finally seeing a path makes me smile and cry at the same time. It’s the toughest, most joyful thing I’ve ever done. Being completely open can be a butt-kicker. But I can feel the difference and [my wife] can see the difference.  ..."

    — J.T.
  • "... Through these classes, I have so much more clarity (which is not always enjoyable) but always helpful and real.   To draw an analogy, I have as much gratitude to you for the gift to view myself and my situation as I did for the surgeon who performed my eye surgeries.  The gift of sight, both real and figuratively, is life-changing and so precious.   

    I see that I have a choice and an internal locus of control.  I have had years of wishing, hoping, praying to change the sexual dynamics of my partnership without ever understanding that I can get out of gridlock. It never even occurred to me that I wasn't offering sex that my wife would find desirable.  No one ever tells you to even ask.  I appreciate that my self-confrontation is what can lead me to grow and to change thoughts, patterns, and the lived reality of my sexual partnership.  I see for the first time what it really means to understand internalizing sexual shame, I understand and recognize fear, I understand immaturity and dishonesty to self. I understand that all of these things I can handle and that the unnamed anxiety I have been feeling for years can be calmed and can be within my control. ...

    I can't say enough good about the work you are doing and honestly feel a deep sense of gratitude to the commitment you have to us men who are striving for better."

    — R.L.
  • "I am in a MUCH better place than 8 weeks ago.  I have made progress in unhooking from validation. Thank you Dr. Finlayson-Fife!  This has been worth every penny and every minute of time."

    — K.W.
  • "For so many years I have struggled to understand what was wrong in my marriage.  I was exhausted by the constant rejection, resentment, and frustration.  After taking this course, I can see the pieces of the puzzle, and how and why they fit together.  As I have learned and focused on the powerful concepts you teach in this class, I have felt less shame, been more honest, kind, and understanding to both myself and to my wife.  I can see what part I’ve played in our struggles, and what I need to work on to invite more intimacy into our marriage.  I wish I could have taken this course 20 years ago, but so happy to have it now!"

    — B. E.
  • "I am deeply grateful for the things that I am learning and applying and for how it is impacting my life and my marriage. I just can’t say enough great things about what this course will do for someone, if they are willing to put in the work to look at themselves."

    — M.B.
  • "Jennifer, I am so grateful for the work that you do.  I was just about at the point in my life where I had accepted that I would be in a loveless lonely marriage for my time here on Earth. Now [after taking the Art of Loving course] I can see a path to a better way.  And not just a better marriage, but an AMAZING one, filled with love, connection, and intimacy."

    — B.C.
  • "It may seem ironic that a woman is teaching men about male sexuality, but to those that are familiar with her work, you'll quickly realize this course is no cakewalk. Dr. Finlayson-Fife's material and teaching style is not for the faint at heart, or for men that want fleeting tips on how to improve the physical dimension of sex alone. It's for men that want to develop a strong inner-self and cultivate a deeper capacity to love. Dr. Finlayson-Fife has challenged me to shine a light and examine the dusty corners of myself, the areas I've been ignoring or choosing not to deal with until this point. It's made me uncomfortable and frustrated at times, but I've seen already how much my sexual relationship with my wife has improved. It's also helped me grow to be a better man, husband, and father. "Art of Loving" is an apt name for this course."

    — D.P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! While these courses were designed with LDS couples in mind, the topics covered and content taught in each course is applicable to all couples, regardless of religious affiliation. 

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