A lot of couples get stuck in unhappy, painful patterns in their relationships, but don’t know how to truly make things better. Many people seek help, but either can’t afford good input or spend lots of time and money on marriage therapies that don’t actually get to the core issue of their challenges. 

What is so valuable about Dr. Finlayson-Fife’s Retreat is that she provides couples like you with a powerful method to make sense of and fundamentally address relationship struggles. Her material gives people an entirely new way to understand what is happening in their relationship, and insightful clarity about what they can do to change and move forward.

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In addition to exceptional instruction and conversation throughout, you will enjoy delicious gourmet meals, exercise options in the mornings and evenings, beautiful grounds for walking and reflecting, evening discussions with Jennifer and other participants, and a fun date night

This three-day transformative retreat is an opportunity you will never forget and do not want to miss!