Meaningful connection with others is what gives us an important network of support and sustenance throughout our lives; however, creating and maintaining this type of connection isn't always easy.

And these days it is easier than ever to avoid the work of connection by distracting ourselves with screens.

Access to the entire world in the palms of our hands has tremendous benefits, of course, but all too often we use technology as a way to escape our lives and relationships. As nice as it sounds to not face difficult realities head-on, when we avoid, we limit our growth and ability to connect with others.

It’s very challenging to find the middle ground—to use technology to enrich and expand our lives, but to not be indulgent with it. And, as difficult as it is to manage this balance for ourselves, it is even more challenging to help our teens achieve a balanced, informed, and beneficial relationship with screens.

In this NEW episode, Dr. Finlayson-Fife discusses with Crystal (@theparenting coach) how parents can help their children navigate the complicated online world. She discusses the key to empowering teens to make wise decisions lies in facilitating our children’s self-authoring – of thinking about the lives they want to create and assessing whether their actions are in line with the person they hope to become.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about:

* The impact of pornography, social media, and screen use on the developing brain, relationships, and self-esteem
* The importance of normalizing sexual development (especially the draw of sexual imagery)

*  Tools for creating and maintaining healthy screen habits (for teens and parents!)

* How parental coddling limits development

* Tips for approaching difficult conversations without fear and shame.

* Discussing healthy sexuality with teens  in a shame-free and productive way

For a deeper dive on this topic on self-authoring and healthy sexuality, consider enrolling in Dr. Finlayson-Fife’s How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex Course! This powerful course helps parents know how to foster their child’s ability to self-author throughout every age and stage of development!

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