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As distressing as midlife can feel sometimes, it's a season full of potential.

It’s the time when, if all goes well, we start to realize that our attempts to earn our value and prove our lovability to others have been not only been exhausting, but also fruitless.

It’s the time when we shift our focus from pleasing others to living in alignment with what we actually believe is best. And as a result, we make greater efforts to live in a way where we can feel at peace with ourselves, our choices, and the impact that our actions have on those around us.

When we can see midlife for what it is, a period of soul-stretching and important growth, we will be able to better tolerate the inevitable ups and downs that come along with it.

This NEW podcast episode is the recording of a live Q&A that Dr. Finlayson-Fife held for members of her Facebook Community. During the discussion, Dr. Finlayson-Fife took questions from the group about midlife and how we can navigate these often disillusioning middle years with clarity, wisdom, and hope.

This conversation is also available on YouTube, you can watch it HERE

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