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Several months ago, April overheard her husband Andy on a phone call with another woman in a sexually charged conversation.

This discovery was just the tip of the iceberg and led to Andy’s disclosure of other sexually indulgent behavior that has taken place over the course of their 20-year marriage. 

These disclosures shattered April’s perception of their relationship. She had believed their relationship was solid and at times still cannot wrap her mind around the fact that Andy was capable of this type of betrayal. 

In this episode of Room for Two, Dr. Finlayson-Fife works with Andy and April to see how they each contributed to the marital dysfunction and, in particular, how Andy's dysfunction was expressed in deception and betrayal. She works with the couple to help them see what they can do to move forward, as well as bring more honesty and equality to their relationship.

Listen in for a compelling conversation about:

* One-up/one-down relationships

* Honesty

* Trustworthiness vs Trust 

* Using conflict and disillusionment for growth

This is the first episode in the Andy and April series. Be sure to subscribe to Room for Two to listen to the full episode and future episodes with April and Andy.

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