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For clients living outside of Illinois, coaching sessions are conducted by teleconference*.  Webcam required.


Important Note: My practice is full, with a wait list approximately one year long. If you need my advice sooner than that, you may be able to find it in my podcasts and online courses.  The latter come with access to office hours (semi-anonymous conference calls) where you can ask questions more specific to your situation.  I also prioritize students of my courses on my coaching and counseling wait list.

Note for clients living outside of Illinois: Given the current ambiguity around licensing and providing out of state clinical services, all work with Dr. Finlayson-Fife across state lines will fall under the umbrella of coaching until further licensing regulation has been established. Just be aware that coaching sessions (and generally all out of state therapy services) are not reimbursed by insurance companies. Not all potential clients are a good fit for coaching services as the level of support provided is more limited. Suitability for coaching services is determined by intake forms and initial meetings, and will continue to be assessed throughout the coaching process.