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Valentine’s Day SalE: 20% off the regular price

an additional discount IS provided for the purchase of multiple courses.

These four acclaimed online courses include recordings, printable outlines and assignments, delivered electronically.  All courses include a year of monthly office hours*.   

The discount is preadjusted and will remain active and applicable to all courses through February 18th— no promotion codes required.

UPDATE (Feb 15): If you order a printed booklet with your course, it will be shipped on Tuesday, February 26. In the meantime, please use the online documentation, which contains all of the same material found in the booklet.

Read course descriptions below.



The Strengthening Your Relationship course (9 hours) is a cost-effective way to understand and address difficult relationship dynamics that interfere with marital happiness and intimacy.  It will help you see your own contributions to challenging interactions, and teach you how to better self-regulate, communicate and deepen your friendship and connection.  This course is an excellent foundation for the couple's Enhancing Sexual Intimacy course.  To learn more, click hERE.



The Enhancing Sexual Intimacy course (12 hours) addresses common psychological and relational roadblocks to intimacy and passion.  The course offers a framework for understanding where your relationship is challenged, and provides exercises and assignments to help you deepen connection and satisfaction as a couple.  To learn more, click hERE. 

The Art of Desire course (10+ hours), designed for LDS women, addresses the challenges specific to LDS women around sexuality and desire.  Acknowledging cultural inhibitors and theological strengths, it looks at the issues of authenticity, self-knowledge and self-confidence in creating a more robust relationship to one's sexuality and ultimately to one's spouse.
To learn more, click hERE.

The How to Talk to your Kids About Sex course (6.5 hours), educates parents in shaping healthy sexual development, including fostering children's sexual self-acceptance and the integration of sexual values.  The course articulates the developmental tasks of each age and stage as well as how to address challenging topics such as masturbation, pornography and sexual abuse. To learn more, click hERE.

* Office Hours give enrollees a chance to ask Dr. Finlayson-Fife questions--in an anonymous group forum--about course concepts and their application to individual situations. 

Though not intended as a substitute for therapy, the combination of these courses with Office Hours has proven itself to be a very cost-effective alternative to therapy for many.  Recordings of the office hours are also made available for those who cannot attend the live call.

Since these courses are recorded, they can be taken at your own pace. You can watch, re-watch, skip ahead  etc as needed.