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The 2017 edition of the Strengthening your Relationship course is here!

The first edition of Strengthening your Relationship, released on Adobe Connect in 2013, was taken offline in October 2015 when we launched the second edition on ZipMart.  ZipMart granted purchasers of the first edition complimentary access to the 2nd edition for a year, then extended that period to 17 months.  The complimentary access period has now expired.

Those who purchased the 2nd edition have received a free upgrade to the 3rd edition.

The 3rd edition (2017)

In response to customer feedback, we aimed to combine the best aspects of the first edition -- the engaging conversational style of the live course -- with the best aspects of the 2nd edition -- professional editing, broader device support, and integration into a learning management system.  The result of this effort is this 3rd edition, based on a live seminar held in 2016, and edited for release on ZipMart's learning management system in February 2017.

The upgrade does not include office hours, but if your office hour subscription has lapsed because your last purchase was more than a year ago, you may optionally order an extension for that here as well.

Office Hours Subscription Extension
from 28.00

"Office Hours" allow you to ask Dr. Finlayson-Fife questions as you work through her online courses and explore their application to your own particular circumstances.  You can submit questions in advance or ask them live on the monthly conference calls.  You will receive an indexed compilation of of the questions asked during office hours, along with the full recording.

Office Hours are only available for those who have purchased Dr. Finlayson-Fife's online courses.  If the 12-month subscription included with your purchase has expired, you can extend for 6 or 12 months.

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(Don't worry. There's no background music in the real thing)

Strengthening Your Relationship Upgrade
from 19.00

Offered exclusively to those who purchased the first edition of Strengthening Your Relationship -- the version hosted at Adobe Connect until October 2015 -- this extension will allow you to enroll in the latest version (3rd edition) released in February, 2017.

Based on a professionally recorded and edited live seminar series held in 2016, this new course covers all topics in the course it replaced, plus more.

Outlines and assignments are all available online, but a printed booklet makes it easy to keep it all together, and two booklets makes it easier for husband and wife to write their own answers to questions.

This purchase will give you access to the course for at least 1 year, or until the next upgrade, whichever is LATER.

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