The course described on this page is for couples.  I also offer three courses on sexuality, One for couples -- ENHANCING SEXUAL INTIMACY, one for LDS women, THE ART OF DESIRE, and one for parents: How to talk to your kids about sex.  a discount IS provided for the purchase of multiple courses.


tHE Strengthening Your Relationship Course IS NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH A new delivery platform

This class, designed specifically for LDS Couples, is available through a learning management system (LMS) to better guide you through the course at your own pace.



is a cost-effective way to understand and attend to the challenges in your relationship, while in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Additionally, 12 MONTHS OF OFFICE HOURS* are provided with the purchase of the course.

Strengthening Your Relationship Course Content:

  • Losing Relational Strategies and the Challenge of Mature Love

  • Emotional Intimacy and Self-Esteem

  • Boundaries and Intimacy

  • Winning Relational Strategies of Self-Confrontation and Desire

  • Speaking with Clarity and Wisdom

  • Listening with Generosity, and the Art of Cherishing


$195 — New LMS edition

These classes are pre-recorded on-line. Therefore you can work through the classes at your own pace, reviewing and skipping ahead as needed.  Quizzes and assignments are integrated into the system.



Monthly "Office Hours" are provided with the purchase of any course.  Office hours provide an opportunity, in an anonymous conference call setting, to ask questions about course concepts as well as their application to individual situations.   The Office Hours schedule will be sent to you with a purchase, as well as recordings of the meetings if you are not able to attend the live call. 


Purchase Recommendations

The Strengthening Your Relationship Course is an excellent foundation for the Enhancing Sexual Intimacy Course. While not a pre-requisite, it is recommended that you take the relationship course first or in conjunction with the couples' sexuality course.  You can purchase both courses at once at a discount.  


To learn about The Art of Desire course, an online course for LDS Women, cLICK HERE.


Purchase the relationship course

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" I just started listening to the relationship course again.  They are SOOO good!  I have read SEVERAL dozen marriage / relationship books.  Other than John Gottman's books, these 2 courses are the best.  I feel they are really giving me something I can do.  ... Even though I do see some things that I can say "my wife is doing that", it is REALLY making me think hard about ME and MY role -- enough where I am now listening and not even thinking about her, but just about how I have contributed and where I need to change.  I expected that these wouldn't just be for my wife, but I am surprised at (with your insight and articulation) just how much I am focusing on myself".  --N.B., class participant. 

"Your course is super hard to go through, because I'm not focusing on what my spouse does.  For the first time I'm starting to see myself in a more real way and it hurts and is sobering, but it's also the first time I've really felt like 1) I know what's going on, and 2) what I can do about it.  Those two conundrums eluded me for many years.   
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us, and for being a real person when training us.  I particularly liked that you talked about your contribution when getting ready for church.  I've never heard a counselor (and I've talked to many by myself when I was younger) talk about themselves that way.  It was very helpful in allowing me to look at myself in a more honest way.   It's a very compassionate way to lead."  --- J.C., class participant  


"We just finished your two couples' courses last week.  They have been remarkably helpful to us.  When my wife purchased them, I was skeptical.  I just told her yesterday that this was the best money we've ever spent.  Thank you so much for your insight and wisdom.  Your work has made a huge difference in our marriage, and we are grateful." --- K.J., class participant.


"[My husband] and I have been doing the exercises from your class and found them really helpful.  ….  The first time we tried [one of the exercises], I was overwhelmed with a feeling of being cared for----really cared for. ... It was a gift that I gave to myself as much as [my husband] gave to me as I let myself receive.  The next day, I was full of energy and excitement and found myself really looking forward to our next session that night.  After we did it for the second night, we had the best sex we have ever had.  It is hard to describe, but it really was a beautiful conversation, like you had said it could be.  I felt like we were expressing respect for the best in each other and also freely receiving the message.  Without "trying" to, we gazed in each others eyes the whole time and shared a really spiritual experience. ..."   --- C.M., class participant.