March 18, 2017 Office Hour Recording

Relationships Topics

Full recording of the March 18 office hour for discussion of questions and themes related to the course content of Strengthening your Relationship and How to Talk to your Kids about Sex.

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Introduction to and instructions for Office Hours.

What is a practical way to help our children be less dependent upon a reflected sense of self?  Is this just a developmental stage or are there things parents can do to facilitate children's healthy development?

You talked in a recent interview at "Bloom for Women" about the virtue of metabolizing evil.  I know you are not advocating suffering in the face of abuse, but could you clarify what you mean?

My adolescent son is trying to figure out his relationship to the law of chastity.  I want him to have LDS values even if he doesn't believe in the church.  He is asking me why he should value the Law of Chastity. What would your response be?

How do we talk about what we think, believe or desire without causing pain in the other person?  My husband and I have had conversations where the other feels hurt by what has been said, even if the other is being honest.  Can you help us make sense of this?

Because of your courses, i have confronted the many ways I contributed to our suffering as a couple.  What I have confronted in myself has allowed me to love my husband more fully.  I've fallen in love with my husband again and the sex has been amazing!  The strange thing is that sometimes my husband takes in my interest but doesn't always respond with the enthusiasm I want.  I feel a little anxious even though things are so much better.  Can you help me make sense of this?

Our adolescent daughter has extreme anxiety around the idea of her parents having sex.  She has a strong disgust response to the idea of sex, and can be nosy and controlling around it given her obsessiveness.  Will she grow out of this?  Will it ruin her future adult relationship?  Should we accommodate her fears?  Can you help us help her?