February 18, 2017 Office Hour Recording

Sexuality Topics

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Full recording of the February 18 office hour for discussion of questions and themes related to the course content of Enhancing Sexual Intimacy and The Art of Desire.

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Information about HPV diagnosis and typical length of time between sexual exposure and warts

The idea that my sexuality belongs to me is a revelation to me.  I'm trying to develop my sexuality on my own but feel guilty about that.  What kinds of positive thoughts can I engage during sex to manage my own feelings?  Thinking about the idea that my husband wants me feels negative and consuming.

My husband has made choices that have undermined my trust in him in the past. We have dealt with the issues openly.  He has been much less sexually pushy over the last few years and more accepting of my lower desire, but it hurts me that he directs his sexuality towards porn and masturbation sometimes rather than self-control.  I'm trying to not shame him or control him.  Any thoughts on how I can approach him on this would be much appreciated.

My husband thinks "sex solves everything".  It is very difficult for me to ever experience sex as a natural coping mechanism with stress (as it is for my husband).  When I'm under stress, I don't enjoy sex.  The only time I can enjoy sex is if my life is going perfectly (which is not very often).  How can I change my programming so that I see sex as a positive thing rather than a duty. 

Taking the art of desire course has been life changing and has opened many doors for me.   I want to keep developing my sexual self.   My husband has been the higher desire partner and he has stretched our relationship in many positive ways.  He would love to support me in my progress but doesnt' want to interfere either.  Any ideas on how he can be helpful?

I learned a lot from the Art of desire course and this is the first time I have really wanted to dive into my own sexual potential.  My husband would like to figure out if G-spot stimulation will facilitate me reaching orgasm. It feels uncomfortable to me.  Any advice on G-Spot stimulation?

Do you believe in asexuality?  I am married to a handsome, wonderful man but I have absolutely zero interest in sex.  If there is some inkling of my sexuality that was buried at a young age, I have no idea how to uncover it.  If I am asexual, maybe I need to move on from the torture of trying to develop something that simply will never be.  What are your thoughts?