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LDS Couples' Retreat with Dr. Finlayson-Fife

Take advantage of this rare opportunity!

October 25th-30th, 2019

The retreat will take place at Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, located right in Teton Village with easy access to hiking, mountain biking, golf courses, and Grand Teton National Park.

The retreat will take place at Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, located right in Teton Village with easy access to hiking, mountain biking, golf courses, and Grand Teton National Park.

 Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife is offering a multi-day LDS couples' retreat!  Join her this Fall from October 25th to the 30th in Jackson Hole, WY for a life- and marriage-transforming experience!  The Strengthening Your Relationship workshop takes place October 25th and 26th, and the Enhancing Sexual Intimacy workshop takes place October 28th through the 30th (with Sunday, the 27th to relax and reflect between the two sessions). For the maximum benefit, participants are encouraged to stay for both sessions for a focused five-day experience.  If needed, participants can sign up for only one of the two segments.  

Included in the retreat tuition is a gourmet lunch prepared each day by Hotel Terra's Executive Chef, Kevin Humphreys, (voted Best Chef in the area for nine years in a row). 

For additional cost, enjoy a gorgeous guest room with AAA Four Diamond quality amenities and service standards with our event room block, giving you a discounted room rate (arranged by you separately--see details under the Accommodations section).

Take advantage of this opportunity to interact with and get input from Dr. Finlayson-FIfe over multiple days, while being immersed in an entirely new way of understanding and addressing your relationship challenges.

The retreat will take place at Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Perfect for a romantic getaway!

The retreat will take place at Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Perfect for a romantic getaway!


  • Hosted at Hotel Terra Jackson Hole bordering Jackson Hole Ski Resort.

  • Exceptional day-long instruction and interaction with Dr. Finlayson-Fife.

  • 12 short miles from downtown Jackson, with many acclaimed restaurants, shops, and night life.

  • Out-the-door access to hiking and biking trails, as well as close proximity to golf courses and Grand Teton National Park.

  • Gourmet lunch prepared by Hotel Terra's Executive Chef, Kevin Humphreys, voted locally as the Best Chef in the area for nine consecutive years.

  • Lovely and comfortable meeting space with views of the mountain, ideal for daily instruction.

  • Enjoyment of the beautiful area, relaxation, and a chance for a romantic and marriage-enhancing getaway.

2018 Jackson Hole Couples’ Retreat

2018 Jackson Hole Couples’ Retreat

A lot of couples get stuck in unhappy, painful patterns in their relationship, but don't know how to truly change.  Many people seek help, but either can't afford good input or spend lots of time and money on marriage therapies that don't get to the core of their challenges.  What is so valuable about Dr. Finlayson-Fife's Couples' Retreat is that it offers you a powerful way to make sense of and fundamentally address your relationship struggles. The material gives people an entirely different way to think about what is happening in their relationship, and clarity about what they can do to change it.  The complete immersion in this exceptional material over multiple days is far more powerful in affecting meaningful change than most weekly therapies can provide. 

My husband and I attended your week long couples’ workshop in SLC last August. I just wanted to write and tell you that it has completely changed our marriage. We had tried therapy and self-help books unsuccessfully and seriously considered separation, but your course entirely changed our perspectives and helped us truly face ourselves and our destructive habits. We still have things to learn, but we have come so far as a couple and it is largely due to you and the principles you taught us. We just want to say how grateful we are. ...
— 2016 Live couples' workshop participant
Experience Dr. Finlayson-Fife's instruction in a lovely meeting space with a catered lunch!

Experience Dr. Finlayson-Fife's instruction in a lovely meeting space with a catered lunch!


The Strengthening Your Relationship and Enhancing Sexual Intimacy live courses are both challenging and life-changing.  Live instruction from Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife in the first of the workshops, Strengthening Your Relationship, will be offered October 25th & 26th. It will present ways to understand and address difficult relationship dynamics that interfere with marital happiness and intimacy.  It will help you see your own contributions to challenging interactions, and teach you how to better self-regulate, communicate and deepen your friendship and connection.  The Strengthening Your Relationship provides an excellent foundation for the couple's Enhancing Sexual Intimacy workshop, but is not required for participation.

Enhancing Sexual Intimacy, takes place October 28th - 30th (ending by 2:30pm), and addresses common psychological and relational roadblocks to intimacy and passion.  It offers a framework for understanding where your relationship is challenged, and can help you deepen connection and satisfaction as a couple.

Because of potential restrictions with work and family, we are separating these two course instructions into two separate events. The Strengthening Your Relationship course will take place on Friday and Saturday, and Enhancing Sexual Intimacy course will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and half of Wednesday. Please feel free to attend one or both of these live workshops as circumstances allow.

Jennifer invites an honesty that has helped me shift in an area that I have felt overwhelmingly stuck. There is goodness in this course that has influenced me to see, be, and do better. Thank you. 
— Written on Facebook by a Strengthening Your Relationship course participant.  Used with permission.
Comfortable, accommodating rooms with a beautiful view at a discounted rate!

Comfortable, accommodating rooms with a beautiful view at a discounted rate!


Limited on-site accommodations for a DISCOUNT! Enjoy either an Urban Guest Room or an Urban Studio for your stay in Jackson Hole at a discounted price. Staying on site has many perks: Enjoy hotel amenities and the proximity to Jackson Hole Resort, as well as the convenience of having your accommodations in the same location as the workshop. 

Discounted room rates for each event are as follows:

Room reservations will also have an additional 10% tax (subject to change) and an 8% taxable resort service fee. Reservations must be made at least 30 days prior to the event for the discounted rate, i.e., Sept. 23th.

Anyone attending both sessions will need to make two separate reservations by clicking each of the links above. (You will be able to remain in their same rooms for both segments of the retreat.)  Alternatively, one can call 866-935-8938 to make your reservation.  Any night's stay in addition to the nights mentioned above can be arranged between you and the resort by calling the number above.

For more information on room reservations and the associated terms and conditions, please click on the PDF file below.

Additional information and Terms & Conditions for using retreat room rates.

Additional information and Terms & Conditions for using retreat room rates.

Event ticket includes lunch each presentation day, as well as an instructional workbook. SLEEPING ACCOMMODATIONS (WHETHER AT HOTEL TERRA OR IN A LOCAL HOTEL) ARE PRICED SEPARATELY.

Dr. Finlayson-Fife presenting at 2018 Jackson Hole Couples’ Retreat

Dr. Finlayson-Fife presenting at 2018 Jackson Hole Couples’ Retreat


"A year ago today ... we were in a very difficult place in our marriage and -- to be honest -- I was hoping that [taking your course] would help my husband change. We went through the [SYR] course and it was so eye-opening. ... It promoted a lot of self-confrontation at a crucial time in our marriage. Then, in September I attended your Art of Desire workshop and that was also just amazing. It pushed me further in my development, self-management and integrity. .. Tonight we were reflecting on this past year and our marriage and we attribute a lot of the growth to participating in your courses and the application of those principles. It wasn't comfortable or easy, but it was worth it because saving our marriage is worth it."
— R.A. online course and workshop participant.

"I want to say thank you so much for the work you are doing. It has blessed my life in ways that I feel incapable of expressing. The changes I have had to make have not been easy, but they feel worthwhile and purposeful. All of my relationships are healthier in great part from the things I have learned from your classes and podcasts. My "frame" for looking at the world, and parenting, and marriage and God have changed drastically. It has caused me to confront my limitations and the limitations of others in a way that has been incredibly freeing. Thank you for all that you do."
— H.L., Strengthening Your Relationship class participant

"I just started listening to the relationship course again. They are SOOO good! I have read SEVERAL dozen marriage / relationship books. Other than John Gottman's books, these 2 courses are the best. I feel they are really giving me something I can do. ... Even though I do see some things that I can say "my wife is doing that", it is REALLY making me think hard about ME and MY role -- enough where I am now listening and not even thinking about her, but just about how I have contributed and where I need to change. I expected that these wouldn't just be for my wife, but I am surprised at (with your insight and articulation) just how much I am focusing on myself."
— N.B., Strengthening Your Relationship class participant

"I am LOVING your classes SO much!! Thank you!! ... Really facing myself and looking at the hard truth of all I've done to contribute to our many struggles, I decided I really wanted to start over again. I focused on working on my own sexuality leading up to our [recent] trip so that I could bring that to him more fully. So, without all the details ;-), I TRULY fell in love with my husband again. It seems crazy and cliche, but seriously, all that I've been able to confront within myself has unlocked my ability to love him more fully and completely---which honestly, I had no idea was possible! I'm still working on myself and my own capacity to desire and give myself to him, but MAN! the sex is amazing! and it's like I CANNOT get enough of him! --I'm pretty sure he didn't see this side of me coming after 20 years of marriage! So again, thank you!!"
—T.A., Enhancing Sexual Intimacy course participant

"Jennifer, your [new] sexuality course is excellent---truly exceptional. It has made such a difference for me and my wife. We are in a better place than we've ever been because of it. The work you are doing is so needed, and so important in the Mormon world. Thank you, again."
— E.H., Enhancing Sexual Intimacy course participant

"I've been meaning to write and thank you for both of your classes. ... I can honestly say that your classes have invigorated and reinvented our marriage. Both of us have been happier than we've been in years --- probably the happiest we've ever been. Our daughter said to me recently that she noticed that my husband and I have been so much more positive and happy. I cannot tell you how wonderful this all is! Just know that you are doing really good, important, lasting work! Thank you so much! "
— S.D., Strengthening Your Relationship and Enhancing Sexual Intimacy course participant

"Thank you for teaching this class. We had a wonderful experience with both the "Strengthening Your Relationship" and the "Enhancing Sexuality" courses. I found the assignments particularly helpful. Going through them allowed me to process what I learned in the classes and apply it to myself. Doing that helped me identify a lot of things I need to confront to improve my relationship to my own sexuality and my sexual connection with my husband. I feel like I'm leaving the course with tools in my tool box to deal with my avoidance of sex, a problem I now see more clearly."
— Strengthening Your Relationship and Enhancing Sexual Intimacy course participant


Tickets can be canceled for a full refund with no cancellation fee through July 31st. Between August 1st and August 14th, tickets can be canceled with a $150 cancellation fee. Between August 15th and September 30th, tickets can be refunded with a $300 cancellation fee. No refunds after September 30th. **However, if the seat can be filled from a wait list (which we cannot guarantee), a refund can be issued with the deduction of a $300 fee.**

The cancellation policy for hotel rooms at Hotel Terra can be found in the PDF in the Accommodations section below. Hotel cancellations are settled directly with the hotel.

Gourmet lunch provided on all presentation days.

Gourmet lunch provided on all presentation days.

Thanks for everything. This course has had the most impact for good on my marriage than anything else we’ve ever done. Thank you incredibly much! I only wish I had access to this 30 years ago, when we married. Oh well. Better late than never! ... I genuinely appreciate your work. You’re a blessing to the world.
— Enhancing Sexual Intimacy course participant
Hotel Terra borders Jackson Hole ski resort with out-the-door access to biking and hiking trails.

Hotel Terra borders Jackson Hole ski resort with out-the-door access to biking and hiking trails.

I want to thank you for your courses. I think you are absolutely brilliant. I have been doing a lot of research and counseling and reading, and your perspective has been the most helpful to me
— Enhancing Sexual Intimacy course participant
Chill Spa at Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole.

Chill Spa at Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole.


Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul at Hotel Terra's Chill Spa. Individuals within the group who desire to make use of the spa services should make appointments direct by calling 307-739-4055.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 10.51.44 AM.png
We loved the venue and accommodations. Hotel Terra was great! Jennifer was personable, professional, and spot-on when it came to presenting, teaching, answering questions, gauging the time, and giving helpful and applicable examples. These courses are game changers in all the BEST ways.
— --2018 Jackson Hole Participant

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2020 RETREAT to PARIS, FRANCE! Tickets Available!
to May 13

2020 RETREAT to PARIS, FRANCE! Tickets Available!

Couples' European Retreat!

Tour France with Dr. Finlayson-Fife

May 3—13, 2020

Eiffel Tower.jpg


During this romantic 11-day tour of France, Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife—LDS relationship and sexuality therapist–-will help you develop more romance and passion in your relationship!  With daily instruction and personal input, along with assignments and exercises, you will foster greater self-awareness, greater ability to address your sexual desires and fears, and the ability to cultivate a stronger relational and sexual bond.  France is a country awash with color, culture, and romance.  This is Dr. Finlayson-Fife's second European couples tour.  The first was a phenomenal experience!  These tours are small and personal and very special. So come and tour with us and deepen your friendship and passion for one another as you experience the adventure of a lifetime!

“Thank you again for such a wonderful, and life-changing experience in Italy.  Your classes, your time with us, the venues, and the interaction with the group, all had a profoundly positive impact on [my wife], me, and our marriage. … I praise you for the work you are doing – you are blessing so many lives!”   

—2019 Italy Couples Tour Participant.

Ticket Inclusions

A ticket for you and your spouse to be apart of this small, VIP group not only includes first quality activities, restaurants, hotels, and instruction from Dr. Finlayson-Fife, but also transportation from your arrival airport (Charles de Gaulle) and to your departure airport (Nice), transportation to scheduled sites, and a flight from Caen to Provence (day 7 of tour). *Flights to and from France are not included.*

Also included is breakfast each day and eight meals per itinerary, guided visits and museum entrances to scheduled appointments, and all extra scheduled activities.

Hotel accommodations and concierge service (4 or 5 star) are included through the duration of the tour—double occupancy.

Most importantly, the ticket includes exceptional and transformative daily presentations and interactive feedback from Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife.

Provence, France.

Provence, France.

Terms and Conditions

All payments are handled through the host company Natural Italy Tours. A $500 per person deposit and application form are required to secure your participation.  The total cost of this tour may vary as we make hotel reservations: $4,900 with 4-star or higher accommodation per person—FINAL PAYMENTS ARE DUE 1 December 2019 to Natural Italy Tours. Make your deposit and fill out an application form by clicking here or the Get Tickets button at the top of this event page. You can direct all questions to

Trip Itinerary

Explore Paris, Versailles, Normandy, Nice, Provence, and other authentic French towns. Tour the Louvre Museum, visit Monet’s gardens, participating in a French cooking class and dance class, and participate in many more exciting activities!

Visit the host’s webpage to see the detailed itinerary:


“You can’t change what you can’t (or won’t)  see.” I think this was one of the first things you taught us on the Italy tour. Thank you for helping me to see myself, my wife, and my marriage better! We are changing! We are finally confronting issues that been infecting our 23-year marriage. Italy was the perfect environment to foster self-confrontation, self-expansion, and a more collaborative partnership with my wife. Also, it was wonderful to make new friends, who I discovered were just like me – imperfect people, in challenging marriages, struggling to exercise the faith and courage to reach for better in themselves and their marriages. I made more meaningful friendships in 10 days in Italy with you than I have in the past 10 years! … Your impact on my life has been profound. You will never fully know. God Bless you for your work! You are a Saint and need an Italian Basilica named after you!”

—2019 Italy Couples Tour Participant.


"There aren't sufficient words to describe how great the trip was.… It far exceeded our expectations. We couldn't believe that in 10 days we could bond so closely with perfect strangers and be so open and real with them. The content you taught, along with the setting and people, helped us to bond more deeply as a couple than we ever imagined. The way I describe it is that my capacity to love grew and I am more capable of loving my wife now than I thought was possible. Finally, I was able to feel the Spirit so strongly when you were teaching. It resonated so deeply with us and I know what you are teaching is true and right. Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime on our couples retreat through Italy!”

—2019 Italy Couples Tour Participant.

Take a Look at Our Last European Couples’ Retreat:

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