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France Couples' Tour

Couples' European Retreat!

Tour France with Dr. Finlayson-Fife

May 3—13, 2020



During this romantic 11-day tour of France, Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife—LDS relationship and sexuality therapist–-will help you develop more romance and passion in your relationship!  With daily instruction and personal input, along with assignments and exercises, you will foster greater self-awareness, greater ability to address your sexual desires and fears, and the ability to cultivate a stronger relational and sexual bond.  France is a country awash with color, culture, and romance.  This is Dr. Finlayson-Fife's second European couples tour.  The first was a phenomenal experience!  These tours are small and personal and very special. So come and tour with us and deepen your friendship and passion for one another as you experience the adventure of a lifetime!

“Thank you again for such a wonderful, and life-changing experience in Italy.  Your classes, your time with us, the venues, and the interaction with the group, all had a profoundly positive impact on [my wife], me, and our marriage. … I praise you for the work you are doing – you are blessing so many lives!”   

—2019 Italy Couples Tour Participant.

Ticket Inclusions

A ticket for you and your spouse to be a part of this small, VIP group not only includes first quality activities, restaurants, hotels, and instruction from Dr. Finlayson-Fife, but also includes transportation from arrival airport (Charles de Gaulle) and to departure airport (Nice), transportation to scheduled visits, and a flight from Caen to Provence (day 7 of tour). *Flights to and from France are not included.*

Also included is breakfast and eight meals per itinerary, guided visits and museum entrances to scheduled appointments, and any extra scheduled activities.

Hotel accommodations and concierge service (4 or 5 star) are included through the duration of the tour—double occupancy.

Most importantly, the ticket includes daily counseling presentations from Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife.

Terms and Conditions

All payments are handled through the host company Natural Italy Tours. A $500 deposit and an application form are required in order to secure your participation per person.  The total cost of this tour varies will vary as we make hotel reservations: $5,300 with 4-star or higher accommodation per person—FINAL PAYMENTS ARE DUE 1 December 2019 to Natural Italy Tours. Make your deposit and fill out your application form by clicking here or the Get Tickets button at the top of this event page.

Trip Itinerary

Explore Paris, Versailles, Normandy, Nice, Provence, and authentic French towns, touring the Louvre Museum, visiting Monet’s gardens, participating in a French cooking class and a dance class, and many more exciting activities.

Visit the host’s webpage to explore the detailed itinerary:


‘ “You can’t change what you can’t (or won’t)  see.” I think this was one of the first things you taught us on the Italy tour. Thank you for helping me to see myself, my wife, and my marriage better! We are changing! We are finally confronting issues that been infecting our 23-year marriage. Italy was the perfect environment to foster self-confrontation, self-expansion, and a more collaborative partnership with my wife. Also, it was wonderful to make new friends, who I discovered were just like me – imperfect people, in challenging marriages, struggling to exercise the faith and courage to reach for better in themselves and their marriages. I made more meaningful friendships in 10 days in Italy with you than I have in the past 10 years! … Your impact on my life has been profound. You will never fully know. God Bless you for your work! You are a Saint and need an Italian Basilica named after you!”

—2019 Italy Couples Tour Participant.

"There aren't sufficient words to describe how great the trip was.… It far exceeded our expectations. We couldn't believe that in 10 days we could bond so closely with perfect strangers and be so open and real with them. The content you taught, along with the setting and people, helped us to bond more deeply as a couple than we ever imagined. The way I describe it is that my capacity to love grew and I am more capable of loving my wife now than I thought was possible. Finally, I was able to feel the Spirit so strongly when you were teaching. It resonated so deeply with us and I know what you are teaching is true and right. Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime on our couples retreat through Italy!”

—2019 Italy Couples Tour Participant.

"My heart has ached for so many years over my marriage, over my own issues, over my husbands issues.  You must surely know that with every couple you help, there are two hearts that are healing, sometimes healing from decades of hurt.  It is profound what you do.  I want to say first and foremost this tour hasn't solved all our marriage issues, but it provided us with 11 intensive days to confront ourselves and our relationship.  We live lives that don't encourage that type of intensive discomfort...we are easily distracted by kids, jobs, mortgages etc.  So having 11 days to really focus on the issues at play was a huge (miserable) blessing. :)"

—2019 Italy Couples Tour Participant.