... I don't think I ever wrote you a note to tell you how helpful our sessions last year were for me. Without overreaching too much, I'll say that I felt like a whole new person after talking with you. And that feeling has lasted. I feel much more capable and aware as I make choices. More than anything, I feel more centered and at home in myself and that has made nearly all of my relationships better. I'm incredibly grateful for those sessions. Thanks again.  --- G.K..

Jennifer, I hope you know how thankful I am for how you helped us!! Like the song "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink, I thought we were broken but we were just bent. :)  There are no words for how happy and excited I am for my "new" marriage. Thank you for that!!!  I have no doubt your practice will continue to grow and thrive. —N.B.

Just wanted to write and genuinely thank you for your help and guidance in making our marriage better!  We've made a lot of improvement individually and as a couple over the last few months.  We are happier and have a lot of tools to help in our progression now. I think we'll always be working to improve our marriage and it's kind of exciting. ... Thanks again so much for helping reset our marriage! We are SO happy! And forever grateful!  --- R.A.

"Just a note to wish you Merry Christmas and thank you for the blessing you have been to our family this past year! I feel so blessed and grateful to have found you. ... I so appreciate how you have enlightened me and given me greater understanding about how I relate to people and especially [my spouse]. It’s been hard and I’m in the process of putting myself back together in a new, happier and more fulfilled way, but I now look forward to life rather than dreading having to “endure to the end.” Thanks so much!!!" ---E.H.

Jennifer’s input has been life-changing for me. Although she has shown great warmth and empathy, her willingness to say hard things is probably what I value most—she doesn’t let me get away with my self-indulgent or self-justifying impulses. Jennifer holds up a mirror, and although I haven’t always liked what I’ve seen, I am deeply grateful for how she has caused me to see myself more clearly. Her wisdom has helped me become a better person and has greatly improved my relationship with my wife.  ---- J.P.