Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist, Part 16

In the 16th installment of the “Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist” series I respond to two more questions submitted from listeners. One focuses on nudity and modesty, and the second question comes from a person in a really tough position in a sexless marriage in which discussion and negotiation of sexual relations are off limits.

May 2019 Update: is currently down, but you can play the audio recording here:

Podcast: "Mormonism's Modesty and Sexuality Discourse"

"1868-skirt-lengths-girl-ages-Harpers-Bazar". Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -

"1868-skirt-lengths-girl-ages-Harpers-Bazar". Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Dan Wotherspoon, host of "Mormon Matters" interviews me and Natasha Helfer Parker about the messaging around modesty and sexuality and how to teach our sexual values most productively. To listen to this conversation, click on the link below:

Salt Lake Tribune Article on Modesty

"'Far from protecting females from seeking male approval, the rhetoric on modesty unwittingly reinforces it. At the same time we are taught that pleasing men through sexual availability is unnecessary, we are taught to please men and God by covering and suppressing our sexuality.' Either way women are sexual objects".

Peggy Fletcher Stack quotes my recent Exponent II article.