Podcast: Approval-Seeking vs. Goodness


Monica from "It's All About Progress" Blog interviews me on the topic of Goodness---How creating goodness is different from approval-seeking, as well as perspectives on how to develop and discern what is good when faced with real and imagined pressures. 

"Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife ... shares how to discover what it is we truly want, how to reconcile our desires with what we believe we "should" do with our lives, and how to better take responsibility for our choices, especially when faced with difficult ones. 
Jennifer also offers how to live up to our core desires, more fully cultivate our gifts, and better tolerate the internal and external push-back we may experience as we develop true goodness within ourselves and in our lives. 

Like her past episode on About Progress (on Perfectionism), this interview is one worth listening to several times to fully glean Jennifer's wisdom.  There are many ways to apply this discussion to parenthood, marriage, "control freaks," "victims," and those who live their lives based on others' approval."


An audio recording of the interview can be found here:


Marriage Laboratory review of Strengthening Your Relationship

An independent review of my Strengthening Your Relationship course was published over the weekend on the Marriage Laboratory web site.  

"This course goes much deeper than [communication techniques]. It cuts through any superficial 'relationship tips" and gets right to the very core of why and how our marriages are making us miserable...  [Dr. Finlayson-Fife] helps you dig way down deep to the foundation of your personal integrity and growth (where all strong marriages live)".