The Art of Desire: New Course for LDS Women

Come and learn about the art of desire, and how our capacity for and comfort with desire (in all realms) relates to our authenticity and sexual self-expression.   This newly recorded course explores elements of LDS culture that are inhibiting to our sexual self-confidence as well as elements of our theology that are liberating and permission-giving.   You will learn how to deepen sexual self-awareness and capacity, ultimately helping you create a relationship that is more passionate and a truer reflection of your authentic self.  


CLASS 1:   (1.5 hours)

Understanding and Overcoming Women's Cultural and Psychological Barriers to Desire

CLASS 2: ( 1.5 hours)

The Art of Desire:  Authenticity and its Relationship to Passion

CLASS 3: (2 hours)

The Art of Female Arousal : Physical and Psychological Wisdom

CLASS 4: (2 hours)

Sexual Self-Development (Including the how-tos of arousal, orgasm and sexual thought). 

COST:  $145