About Progress podcast on Body Image

“If you’re going to be someone who is interested in intimacy, you have to be accepting of your body as it is.  If you’re going to be capable of doing that, you have to forge a kind of meaningful self-acceptance and self-compassion.”

From an interview with Monica at About Progress, posted yesterday.




Latter Day Lives podcast

Latter Day Lives host Sean Rapier interviews Dr. Finlayson-Fife in episode 51, where she describes her journey discovering worth and strength as a woman in the church, marriage, intimacy and issues facing today’s LDS couples.


The Christian Doormat Podcast on Forgiveness

Forgiveness rock.jpg

Sherrae Phelps, a blogger of "The Christian Doormat", interviewed me on the topic of forgiveness: What is forgiveness?  When is it a virtue?  Can it make us vulnerable to harm?  Does it require reconciliation or trust?  These questions and more are taken up in the written and audio interview below

Link to the edited transcript:


Link to listen to the interview: