The course described on this page is for couples.  I also offer a course for LDS couples and women: STRENGTHENING YOUR RELATIONSHIP, and THE ART OF DESIRE, rESPECTIVELY.  a discount IS provided for the purchase of more than one course.


the Enhancing Sexual Intimacy Course IS NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH A new delivery platform

This class for LDS Couples, has been rerecorded with a live studio audience, and is now delivered through a learning management system (LMS).  The previous Enhancing Sexual Intimacy course has been a very popular and cost-effective way to understand and attend to the challenges in your emotional and sexual relationship, while in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  The course includes a year of monthly OFFICE HOURS* with Dr. Finlayson-Fife.

Enhancing Sexual Intimacy Course Content

Class 1: Sexuality and Dissatisfaction: When sex isn't natural.

Class 2: Roadblocks to Sexual Desire: Psychological and Cultural Barriers.
Class 3: Relational roadblocks: Intimacy and the tension between love and lust.
Class 4: Maturation and the capacity for intimacy.
Class 5: Communication in sex and Sex as communication.
Class 6: Developing your capacity to desire.
Class 7: Understanding fantasy and developing your sexual self.
Class 8: Cultivating eroticism and the sacredness of intimate sex.

Classes are 60 to 100 minutes in length.


$225 — 8 class video recordings and support materials

System Requirements

Any modern web browser running on a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

These classes are pre-recorded on-line. Therefore you can work through the classes at your own pace, reviewing and skipping ahead as needed.  Purchase includes one year of access to the course, which can be extended if desired.  Quizzes and assignments are integrated into the system.

Purchase Recommendations

The Strengthening Your Relationship Course is an excellent foundation for the Enhancing Sexual Intimacy Course. While not required, Dr. Finlayson-Fife recommends that you take the relationship course first or in conjunction with the sexuality course.


Monthly "Office Hours" are provided with the purchase of any course. Office hours provide an opportunity, in an anonymous conference call setting, to ask questions about course concepts as well as their application to individual situations.   The Office Hours schedule will be sent to you with a purchase, as well as recordings of the meetings if you are not able to attend the live call. 


To learn about The Art of Desire course, an online course for LDS Women, cLICK HERE.




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Enhancing Sexual Intimacy
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"I've been meaning to write and thank you for both of your classes.  ... I can honestly say that your classes have invigorated and reinvented our marriage.   Both of us have been happier than we've been in years --- probably the happiest we've ever been.  Our daughter said to me recently that she noticed that my husband and I have been so much more positive and happy.  I cannot tell you how wonderful this all is!  Just know that you are doing really good, important, lasting work!  Thank you so much!  --- S.D., class participant.


"Thanks for everything. This course has had the most impact for good on my marriage than anything else we've ever done. Thank you incredibly much! I only wish I had access to this [30+] years ago, when we married. Oh well. Better late than never! ... I genuinely appreciate your work. You're a blessing to the world."   ---M.P.  --Class Participant.


"Thank you for teaching this class.  We had a wonderful experience with both the "Strengthening Your Relationship" and the "Enhancing Sexuality" courses.  I found the assignments particularly helpful.  Going through them allowed me to process what I learned in the classes and apply it to myself.  Doing that helped me identify a lot of things I need to confront to improve my relationship to my own sexuality and my sexual connection with my husband.  I feel like I'm leaving the course with tools in my tool box to deal with my avoidance of sex, a problem I now see more clearly."  ---S.R., class participant


"[My husband] and I have been doing the exercises from your class and found them really helpful.  ….  The first time we tried [one of the exercises], I was overwhelmed with a feeling of being cared for----really cared for. ... It was a gift that I gave to myself as much as [my husband] gave to me as I let myself receive.  The next day, I was full of energy and excitement and found myself really looking forward to our next session that night.  After we did it for the second night, we had the best sex we have ever had.  It is hard to describe, but it really was a beautiful conversation, like you had said it could be.  I felt like we were expressing respect for the best in each other and also freely receiving the message.  Without "trying" to, we gazed in each others eyes the whole time and shared a really spiritual experience. ..."   --- C.M., class participant.