The course described on this page is for couples.  I also offer three courses on sexuality, One for couples -- ENHANCING SEXUAL INTIMACY, one for LDS women, THE ART OF DESIRE, and one for parentsHOW TO TALK TO yOUR kIDS aBOUT sEX.



Updated in 2017

An exceptional and cost-effective way to understand and attend to the challenges in your relationship through an LDS-congruent lens, while in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  The purchase of any course includes 12 MONTHS OF OFFICE HOURS*, offering you access to Dr. Finlayson-Fife's personal assistance.  

Strengthening Your Relationship Course Content:

  • The Challenge of Mature Love

  • Losing Relational Strategies

  • Intimacy and Self-Esteem

  • Boundaries and Intimacy

  • The Relational Strategies of Self-Confrontation and Desire

  • Speaking with Clarity and Wisdom

  • Listening with Generosity

  • The Art of Cherishing


System Requirements

Any modern web browser running on a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

These classes are pre-recorded (9 instructional hours) . Therefore you can work through the classes at your own pace, reviewing and skipping ahead to subsections of the course, as needed.  The course includes outlines to guide you through the course content as well as corresponding assignments.  Purchase includes one year of access to the course as well as monthly office hours*, both of which can be extended if desired.  

"I bought three of your courses a couple months ago and they have changed my life and without question saved my marriage.  Thank you sincerely."  --O.V.  Course Participant



Monthly "Office Hours" are provided with the purchase of any course. Office hours provide an opportunity, in an anonymous conference call setting, to ask the author of this course questions about its concepts as well as their application to individual situations.   The Office Hours schedule will be sent to you with a purchase, as well as recordings of the meetings if you are not able to attend the live call. 


"Office Hours are one of the things I look forward to every month. They are so insightful and inspiring. I can’t thank you enough for this work you do."  -- G.B.  Course Participant


Purchase Recommendations

The Strengthening Your Relationship Course is an excellent foundation for the Enhancing Sexual Intimacy Course. While not a prerequisite, Dr. Finlayson-Fife recommends that you take the relationship course first or in conjunction with the couples' sexuality course.  You can purchase both courses together at a discount.  


To learn about The COUPLES' Enhancing Sexual Intimacy course, cLICK HERE.

To learn about The Art of Desire course, (a course for LDS Women), cLICK HERE.

To learn about The How to talk TO YOUR (LDS) KIDS ABOUT SEX COURSE, cLICK HERE.

A year ago today I purchased your online relationship course because we were in a very difficult place in our marriage and — to be honest — I was hoping that it would help my husband change. I was pregnant, my husband was in a pornography recovery course, I was in trauma therapy and we were constantly fighting. We went through the course and it was so eye-opening. ... It promoted a lot of self-confrontation at a crucial time in our marriage. Then, in September I attended your Art of Desire workshop and that was also just amazing. It pushed me further in my development, self-management and integrity. .. Tonight we were reflecting on this past year and our marriage and we attribute a lot of the growth to participating in your courses and the application of those principles. It wasn’t comfortable or easy but it was worth it, because saving our marriage is worth it.  You’re doing an important work and it really impacts families like ours. So, thank you!
Strengthening Your Relationship
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 Bound booklets (that include course outlines and writing assignments) are optionally available.  You can access the same material in PDF printable form online.  

Bound booklets (that include course outlines and writing assignments) are optionally available.  You can access the same material in PDF printable form online.  

Professional review

4 Ways I Unintentionally Harm My Relationship: A Review of Jennifer Finlayson-Fife’s Relationship Course

-- Marriage Laboratory (



"I want to say thank you so much for the work you are doing.  It has blessed my life in ways that I feel incapable of expressing.  The changes I have had to make have not been easy, but they feel worthwhile and purposeful.  All of my relationships are healthier in great part from the things I have learned from your classes and podcasts.  My "frame" for looking at the world, and parenting, and marriage and God have changed drastically.  It has caused me to confront my limitations and the limitations of others in a way that has been incredibly freeing.  Thank you for all that you do."  ---H.L., class participant


" I just started listening to the relationship course again.  They are SOOO good!  I have read SEVERAL dozen marriage / relationship books.  Other than John Gottman's books, these 2 courses are the best.  I feel they are really giving me something I can do.  ... Even though I do see some things that I can say "my wife is doing that", it is REALLY making me think hard about ME and MY role -- enough where I am now listening and not even thinking about her, but just about how I have contributed and where I need to change.  I expected that these wouldn't just be for my wife, but I am surprised at (with your insight and articulation) just how much I am focusing on myself".  --N.B., class participant. 

"Your course is super hard to go through, because I'm not focusing on what my spouse does.  For the first time I'm starting to see myself in a more real way and it hurts and is sobering, but it's also the first time I've really felt like 1) I know what's going on, and 2) what I can do about it.  Those two conundrums eluded me for many years.   
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us, and for being a real person when training us.  I particularly liked that you talked about your contribution when getting ready for church.  I've never heard a counselor (and I've talked to many by myself when I was younger) talk about themselves that way.  It was very helpful in allowing me to look at myself in a more honest way.   It's a very compassionate way to lead."  --- J.C., class participant  


[Review found on Facebook, quoted here with permission] : "So my husband and I are doing Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife's 'Strengthening Your Relationship' Course.  This class includes how we can communicate destructively in relationships and how we can change that.  It also looks at our self-esteem, boundaries, gratitude, complaining, etc.  We are 6 classes into the 8 class course.  When you buy it you are given online access to watch the course, at your own pace.  It was $195 for 8 classes.   We decided $25 for 8 date nights is pretty cheap. And going to dinner and a movie has never had the same effect : ) I can't say enough good about this course. It's like minoring in psychology, with an emphasis in "your marriage." Right around class four, I had a small, well big, breakdown because I was seeing myself and how we interact, truthfully for the first time. I have to say, it was rough. I feel like we have such a great marriage and we get along so great. So recognizing destructive ways we communicate was hard. But now that the bandaid is ripped off, I can only see how we are growing closer and breaking down walls I didn't acknowledge were there. And its making me take a long, hard look at how I parent, as well. I really think Dr. Fife is inspired and this is her mission in life. I think EVERY relationship would HUGELY benefit from this course
As a side note, most of her podcasts that I've listened to, her focus is really sexual relationships. This course in particular doesn't cover that. She has other courses though that deal with sexual relationships.  -- G.E. class participant.


"Thanks so much!  And thanks for doing these office hours.  I know you must be extremely busy but this platform is super informative.  I appreciate your dedication."  --N.M., class participant. 


"Hello Dr. Finlayson-Fife!  I just wanted to write you personally to say how brilliant and enlightening you are!  What a beacon of goodness in the world.  Dispelling all the nonsense that we metabolize at church in spite of our doctrines!  I am grateful for your wisdom, courage, example, humor and clarity.  I bought three of your courses a couple months ago and they have changed my life and without question saved my marriage.  Thank you sincerely.  ---O.V., class participant


"We just finished your two couples' courses last week.  They have been remarkably helpful to us.  When my wife purchased them, I was skeptical.  I just told her yesterday that this was the best money we've ever spent.  Thank you so much for your insight and wisdom.  Your work has made a huge difference in our marriage, and we are grateful." --- K.J., class participant.


"I purchased the Relationship Course this December and have been thrilled with the material presented.  The classroom format is fantastic. ... Jennifer invites an honesty that has helped me shift in an area that I have felt overwhelmingly stuck. There is goodness in this course that has influenced me to see, be, and do better.  Thank you."   ---K.M. class participant.  [written on Facebook, used with permission].